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Easy stove cleaning

I hate to clean my stove top but I really don’t like cooking when it’s dirty either.  Sometimes things boil over and sometimes I just get lazy very busy and the stove gets pretty dirty.   This is a combination of burned on foods and grease from cooking.  I’m sure you’ve had a stove to look like this at least once.  Ok, maybe not but someday you might and maybe you’ll remember how easy this cleaning is.

Easy stove cleaning 002

Yes,  cleaning this stove really  is easy but it sure does take time.  It’s not always convenient to have the stove apart and not usable for several hours.  I plan the cleaning for when I can sleep through most of it.  Yup, sleep through cleaning the stove top.  How?  I’ll show you.

Take all the removable parts from the stove top and put into a plastic bag.  I have a gas stove but for an electric stove you clean the drip pans from under the burner elements, not the actual electric elements.  Put a teaspoon of ammonia in the bag too.  You really need very little ammonia.  It’s the fumes that loosen the grease not the ammonia itself.  You only want enough to make fumes swirling around in the bag.  Leave this to set overnight.  While you sleep.  I use grocery bags for this so I’m giving them a second use before tossing into the trash.  I’m careful to close the bag quickly after I put the ammonia in.  I don’t want to breath the fumes.  Yucky!

Easy stove cleaning 004

Next, I make a solution to put on the stove top so it can be cleaning itself overnight too.  I put some baking soda into a bowl, add a couple of drops of DAWN dish liquid, and enough peroxide to make it all into a paste.  You really don’t need more than a tiny bit of the Dawn.  The Dawn cuts grease, the baking soda soaks up the grease as well as act as a scrubbing agent, and the peroxide is a bleaching element as well as a disinfectant.

FOODS 2013 168

Spread this all over the stove top and let it set overnight.  It really doesn’t need to be a thick paste unless there is a lot of build up.

Easy stove cleaning 003

Next morning, all you have to do is wipe up the paste from the stove top.  It will come up really easy and bring most of the gunk with it.  Then take the parts from the bag and wash in soapy water to have everything come out looking like this.  Usually there are only one or two stubborn spots on the grates but those are not big problems.

Easy stove cleaning 008

Every now and then I get a few stubborn spots on the stove top.  Like these.  No problem.  Simply make up a little paste and put on there to soak for an extra hour or so.

FOODS 2013 165

The second application usually cleans it all up nicely.

FOODS 2013 171

Give everything a really good wipe off and your good until the next time.  The baking soda, Dawn, and peroxide mixture should be safe enough to clean a glass top stove too.   You are not scrubbing with the mixture.  You’re just letting it set to soak up food and grease.  Even if you scrub with it the baking soda is a gentle scrub.  Gentle enough for the enamel of your teeth.  As in baking soda tooth paste.



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