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Shh… don't tell anyone I'm poor. They all think I'm living frugal and green just like everyone these days. This is a blog about a senior citizen living a frugal life, on a fixed income, in a low income food desert, and passing along knowledge from lessons learned. Some she learned from her Grandma Mama many years ago and some learned only a few days ago.

Bargains find me

You ever had things happen to help when you are not looking for them?  Um, I’m not sure how to explain it.  I call it angel’s nudging me in the right direction.  When my finances are suffering and I feel that I’m about to give up; something happens to keep me going.  One of the things that happens is finding discount bargains for the very items I need (not want) just when I need them.

Let me show you today’s example. I carry a list with me every time I leave home.  On the list are the “most needed” or sometimes the list is “most urgent” things so I can watch for bargains.  Here is today’s list straight out of my pocket.

FOODS 2013 291

I needed:  fruit fresh, surge protector bar, rust stop, tiny nails, and to exchange some bulbs for my overhead lights.  My neighbor had asked me to pick up some generic fabreeze and dryer sheets while I was out.  My daughter asked me to keep an eye out for a windshield cover to block sun from her car while she’s at work.  So here’s what I found on the discount table at Walmart today.

FOODS 2013 290

The items that “I” needed most.  Fruit fresh at half price.  At first it was rang up as two fruit fresh and four citric acid.  I had to go to the service desk to get it corrected.  It should have been two citric acid at the regular price and four fruit fresh at the discounted price.  A refund of 2.06.  That’s not a lot of difference but I really don’t want to donate two dollars and six cents to Walmart.  I’d rather give that 2.06 to the food bank.  You have to be very, very careful about the cash register stuff.  I rarely leave a store these days without having to visit the service desk.  Here is another example.

A few days ago, at the Dollar Tree store where everything in the store is one dollar,  I picked up ten food items and went to check out.  We do not have a tax on food items in Kentucky.  The register totaled up to 12 dollars.  Which naturally threw the cashier out of whack when I pointed out it should total ten dollars.  “But the register says twelve dollars.”  Count them sweetie.  Everything in this store is a dollar right?  Yes ma’am.  Count how many items in my bag.  She counts one to ten.  She is confused.  Count them again sweetie.  She’s still confused.  Ok, count them once again to be sure.  No matter how many times you count what I bought it still comes up to ten dollars, not twelve.  Then it dawn’s on her.  Ten items means ten dollars.  So she calls the manager to ask what to do.  The young manager looks confused too.  She counts the items.  I tell them both, simply delete two items and the total will be right.   After deleting two items she starts to take them out of the bag.  Another round of confusion went on before they realized I was right.  Geeze!  Do not confuse the cashiers.  Anyway, here’s the receipt where I had to go to the Walmart service desk to get a refund and the items rang up again at the right discounted price.

FOODS 2013 292

I also found a discounted surge protector bar.  The one used for my gas stove had gotten old.  I worried about an old one not working properly anymore even though I didn’t have any indication it doesn’t.  I think it’s about 10 years old and should have been replaced before now.

The extension cords were $1.50 for the 15 ft and .75 cents for the 6 ft.  I got these because I threw away two old ones a few days ago and the price was good.  They were not on the list but needed anyway.  So, you see what I mean?  When I really, really need something it magically shows up on a discount table.

The light bulbs were for the overhead shop lights in the kitchen.  It is hard to cook without good lighting.  I return the ones I bought  a couple of days ago.  I had mistakenly picked up soft light but I wanted bright light.  A simple exchange.

The point of my post is to have faith and a whole lot of patience when trouble seems to plague you.  It will all work out eventually.  I’m going through a rough time but I have faith it will not last long.

My computer is going to the computer hospital for a few days.  It’s lost it’s voice and youtube really isn’t good without sound.  I won’t be able to post until the computer comes back home.



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