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Shh… don't tell anyone I'm poor. They all think I'm living frugal and green just like everyone these days. This is a blog about a senior citizen living a frugal life, on a fixed income, in a low income food desert, and passing along knowledge from lessons learned. Some she learned from her Grandma Mama many years ago and some learned only a few days ago.

Door snakes and draft dodgers

I read someone’s blog not too long ago and the person was hoping to find a solution to a gap above a door.  They couldn’t alter the door because it was a rental property.  I really, really wish I could remember who’s blog it was so I could tell them about this solution.  Actually the solution to sagging doors with gaps around them is you should fix the hinges first but sometimes that is not an option or maybe it doesn’t fix the problem.  For example, I know how a sagging door is supposed to be fixed but physically I’m not able to do that work.  So my option is to do something not so physically challenging that will stop cold air from coming inside.

In this photo you can see the door snake I made for the bottom of the door.  This is a one sided door snake or draft dodger as some call them.  I wrote a post about how to make that door snake.  The strip magnet I used before proved to be too weak to hold it to the door and it had become quite ragged so I made a new one.  The snake I made for the right hand side of the door last time just wouldn’t stay in place.  It needed to be made differently.

Do you see that gap where the light is shinning through?  That is the place I made a new and different door snake to cover.  Click any photo to enlarge if you want to see it better.  How could I fix the problem of a steel door and the need to hold the snake snuggly against the door?

Energy diet 2014 022

Here’s the solution I came up with.  Instead of two snakes like in a typical draft dodger fashion, I used two fabric sides with one snake in the middle.  Well not actually middle.  More off centered.  This is the inside of the door.  See how snug against the door it is?  Held there with two craft magnets.

Energy diet 2014 030This is the outside of the door.  The door is opened and it’s not sagging.  Its held on the outside with two more craft magnets.

Energy diet 2014 031

As you can see the pipe insulation is at the inside edge of the door and the fabric wraps to the outside.  These snakes happen to be made with pipe insulation but pool noodles would work just as well.  I happen to like the smaller size of the pipe insulation.  It stops the air flow without being overwhelming.  I used fabric to make mine because I have a ton of fabric but you could use plastic trash bags or an old pillow case to make the tube.  It can be glued or stapled.  Just as long as it holds together and keeps that gap closed.

If your door gap happens to be at the top of the door, simply make one just like the bottom snake but put it at the top.

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