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I knew it would happen

A couple of days ago I posted about how nothing goes smoothly for me.  Yeah, I knew something would happen.  I just didn’t know what or when.  Always, always, always, something happens to stop the smooth progress of any tasks or project I start.  Especially when it comes to my house.

Anyway, I’ve been clearing out that one very cluttered room bit by bit.  Lots of STUFF is being posted on freecycle and taken right away.  Yippie!  The room is already looking quite empty compared to what it was before I started.  There is mostly boxes left that need to be broken down to put into the trash.  Boxes and boxes of fabric and craft items are gone.

Organizing 2014 174

After a long day of sorting, boxing, freecycle away stuff, putting up the last window quilt, and puttering around, I decide to call it a day.  I planned to finish emptying the room in the morning.  I get to bed around eleven and I’m soon fast asleep.  I’m dreaming a really nice dream of what that room will eventually look like.  Suddenly I’m awakened by the sounds of crash, crackle, bang, crash, bang, crackle and the fur kid starts barking like crazy.  My eyes fly open and my heart is racing but I lay perfectly still.  WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING?  Is it an earthquake?  A burglar coming through the walls?  Is the roof collapsing?  I don’t know whether to jump and run or play dead.  Finally I get up the nerve to turn on the light.

What happened?  My bedroom’s closet shelf and clothes bar came loose from the wall and everything fell.  The crackle is the sound of my antique kerosene lamps breaking.  The crash is photo albums falling to the floor.  The bang sounds are from my power outage supplies landing on the floor and the clothes bar along with all my clothes end up in a heap of fabric soaked in kerosene and broken glass.  Some of the clothes haven’t even been worn yet.  I just bought them a couple of months ago but hadn’t gotten around to shortening the length.  Aww, gee whiz.  Why couldn’t this have happened in daylight instead of two thirty in the morning?

Organizing 2014 173

I put my shoes on.  I put the fur kid in his crate.  I didn’t want him cutting his paws on broken glass.  Photo albums are picked up first.  Thank goodness there isn’t any kerosene on those.  The photos of ancestors are priceless to me.  My power outage supplies are fine.  Three of the kerosene lamps are ok except the globes are in a million pieces.  The mantles will have to be replaced too.  One lamp is broken beyond repair.  The clothes got piled in the bathtub until morning when I can wash them.  Everything else is moved to the room I’m trying to clean out.  After sweeping up the broken glass and quick moping the floor I finally get back to bed for a couple more hours of sleep.  I never even thought about grabbing the camera.  I was in a hurry to save what I could.

Next morning I start going through the clothes.  I’ll wash them but it’s doubtful I’ll ever get out the kerosene completely.  Using Dawn and vinegar may help.  Anyway, can you see in the first photo above that the bar braces are away from the wall? Click the photo to make it larger. The shelf had tilted up in the back which is why everything landed in the floor.  I lay the shelf back down for the photo.

I decided to put a brace under the shelf to make it more sturdy.  That is the wood strip in this photo.  DUH!  It was a good idea but I should have thought out the process better.  The shelf brace means the clothes bar brackets are too low for the clothes bar.  See what I mean?

Organizing 2014 175

My daughter says why don’t you just move the bar down?  That won’t work either.  The bar would be too short because it was the length needed to reach the wood shelf braces on the ends.  Two inches too short.  No need to go buy another bar.  I simply need to start all over and do it right this time.  So, Ladybug and I spent a couple of hours removing stripped screws from the walls.   She was actually very helpful.  What I need are more bar braces which also brace up the shelf.  I currently have only the two.  I think it needs either three or five.  Five would be much better.  I’ll see how much they cost first.  AND I must remember to not put so much STUFF back on that shelf.

So, Monday I need to make a trip to the hardware store.  I definitely need better screws.  The ones I have are much too soft for this type work.  Also, I wasn’t able to push very strongly with my arm hurting so much.   I’m told that using my arm will help strengthen it again.  I know I have a ton of various types of nails and screws.  Where on earth could I have stored those?  I HATE knowing I have something and can’t find it when I need it!  That’s my motivation for getting rid of 98 percent of everything in this house.  I’ll have a place for everything and everything will be IN it’s place.  Ok, that’s the plan.  I’ll take it one day at a time.  I wonder what will happen next?

2 comments on “I knew it would happen

  1. sarasinart
    November 23, 2014

    Oh what a mess, and I hope the kerosene will come out of your clothes.

    • Na Na
      November 25, 2014

      Most of it did come out. The Dawn and vinegar worked. I had to toss out only four items that simply couldn’t be saved.

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