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Beaver butt juice

Waaaaaat?  What did Na Na say?  Yup, I said beaver butt juice.

Back in April 2013  I wrote a post on my quilting blog about information I had found on the internet.  Some guy had written an article for yahoo health about the 12 scariest substances found in our food.  I put a link to the original article in my post.  The link doesn’t work anymore but what I wrote is still good information. (In my opinion)

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What is all comes down to is that some “mens health” guy said beaver anal glands were used in the making of artificial vanilla flavorings and labeled as “natural ingredients”.  When I first read that article I burst out laughing at the absurdity of it.  What he was saying is that we’ve all been eating beaver butt juice in our food. Ok, you need to read the post I originally wrote to get the point. Here is the link. Internet stuff Read it and come back here.

Do you agree with me that what the so called expert guy wrote was absurdly funny?  What gets into people who write stuff like that? Do you realize there are people who actually believed him?  Do you believe him?  Well ok let’s think this out a bit.

First, think of how many millions of food items are made with artificial vanilla flavoring every single day in factories around the world.  The manufacturers of those foods are surely using large quantities of artificial vanilla in their factories. How many thousands of food factories are there around the world?

Second, think of how many millions of bottles of artificial vanilla flavoring are made and sold each week to individuals. Are there that many beaver being killed to get the glands?  What happens to the rest of the beaver bodies?  Do beaver reproduce quickly enough and are there enough beaver hunters to supply the demand? Ok maybe not being killed but somehow milked? So where are the beaver farms and farmers milking the beaver to get the anal gland juices?

My neighbors still get a good laugh when they remind me about the beaver butt juice article.  Perhaps you will get a laugh now too.  My point is to be very cautious with the information you read these days.


4 comments on “Beaver butt juice

  1. allthoughtswork
    March 9, 2015

    Truer and sicker: Hershey’s uses spoiled milk and castor oil derivatives.

    • Na Na
      March 9, 2015

      Are you sure? How did you find the information?

      • allthoughtswork
        March 9, 2015

        Ever hear of a little thing called Google? I found over a dozen sites referencing it, many of them overseas. Plus, Hershey’s sucks.

        • Na Na
          March 10, 2015

          Exactly my point. Just because someone writes something and many others repeat that same something doesn’t make it true. All I’m saying is don’t believe everything you read. Think for yourself first.

          I use “spoiled” milk in my biscuits and to make cheese. Spoiled milk is not always a bad ingredient. I call it “sour” milk. As for castor oil, the cure all of WW2 was given to children at the very first sign of illness. I hated the horrible tasting stuff but Grandma Mama believed it helped me so gave me plenty of doses.

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