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Shh… don't tell anyone I'm poor. They all think I'm living frugal and green just like everyone these days. This is a blog about a senior citizen living a frugal life, on a fixed income, in a low income food desert, and passing along knowledge from lessons learned. Some she learned from her Grandma Mama many years ago and some learned only a few days ago.

What the heck is that?

Have you ever gone to the refrigerator for something and found what looks like a science experiment lurking in the back.  Even in my tiny fridge I’ll find something that I can’t quite recognize what it is or remember how long its been in there.  Older folks, like me, have a hard enough time remembering things so the science experiments happen more often for us.  I started using a piece of tape and labeling everything.  I removed the tape each time I washed the container.

Not long ago I found a tape that could be put onto a container and not need replacing. Its washable and re-writable.  That, to me, is a money saver.  Its chalkboard tape.  I’ve known about this tape for a couple of years but I couldn’t find it anywhere locally except in the Martha Stewart stuff which is way too expensive.  Its still a little expensive by the roll but way less than the Martha Stewart brand.

Food and kitchen 2015 171

The chalk pencil is from my quilting supplies.  I’ll need to find a regular chalk one instead.  But for now I’m using the quilters chalk. I removed the paper and tape labels from these containers.

Food and kitchen 2014 175

And now they look like this.

Food and kitchen 2015 172

Ordinary glass jars can be used as storage containers.

Food and kitchen 2015 229

Adding a label makes them look nice.  And….. you will know exactly what is in the jar instead of guessing.

Food and kitchen 2015 238

I didn’t think of it before writing this post but I should have dated the labels to know what day the contents were put into those jars and these plastic containers.

Food and kitchen 2015 236

Ok, what I really like is the fact it not only saves me money by knowing the when and what of a container but the reusable labels save money too.  The labels remain on the containers.  I don’t know how the tape will work in a dishwasher because I don’t have one.  I wash dishes by hand and the labels stay put.  If you haven’t found chalkboard tape in your area stores yet, look in the school supplies. It might be there.  I wish it came in colors too.

6 comments on “What the heck is that?

  1. Sarca
    April 12, 2015

    I was using masking tape to label my tomato sauce and the like before putting them in the freezer, but this looks like a better method. I’ll have to look into this chalkboard tape.

  2. captnmike
    April 11, 2015

    Nice Idea – I use plain blue masking tape – yes I know it is single use & does not look as nice as your labels – but I have the tape around home anyway & it is cheap

  3. SimpLeigh Organized
    April 10, 2015

    Didn’t know about chalkboard tape! I’m wondering why I haven’t seen it before. Now I’m on the hunt! Thanks!

  4. Jackie
    April 10, 2015

    Very cool!

  5. Nathalie
    April 10, 2015

    Oooh, that looks really nice! I just keep a roll of masking tape (we have tons of it) and a Sharpie in one of my kitchen drawers and use those to label pretty much everything since I’ve gotten very forgetful with middle age. I peel it and throw it away before washing but since I’m impatient, it doesn’t look all that nice (not that it matters to me much but your jars look awesome with the black label and the white writing). I guess I’ll check the price of the tape and of a chalk pencil at Walmart next time I go (I do have a gift card to use there). Thanks for sharing!

  6. sarasinart
    April 10, 2015

    That’s a really handy idea! You always have good ideas for us.

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