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Possible insurance scam

I received a phone call a couple of days ago.  There was only a phone number and “toll free caller” on the caller ID.  (red flag)

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I answered before thinking.  It was from a person saying they were from my medicare part D insurance company and wanted to do a survey about my coverage.  The company name the person told me was not what I recognized and I said so.  Their stumbling reply was that my carrier was a subsidiary of that company.  (red flag)

Then the person wanted to set up a review of the medications I’m taking and possibly offer other alternatives.  (Alternatives?) (red flag)  The person said the survey would be set up like an appointment.  When would be a good time for someone to call me back?  (Is it a survey or a review?)  (red flag)

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I told the person that I would only discuss my medical problems and medications with my doctor.  The doctor and I are the ones making decisions about what I should take and what I shouldn’t take.  Its not a decision my insurance company should be talking to me about.  In my opinion a stranger in a far away call center is not someone I should be discussing my health issues with.

The person didn’t actually say it; but, I felt as if the call was an effort to get me to switch to a different coverage plan.  I believe it was a sales call disguised as a survey.  Maybe? I believe if it really was a legitimate call from my insurance company they could possibly be trying to switch me to a more expensive plan.  I like the plan I’m on and have no desire to change it.  I declined the offer of an appointment.  I also requested I not get anymore “survey” calls.

Now here’s whats really strange.  The person said they would be happy to remove my name from the survey call list provided I verified certain information.  (red flag)  They asked for my SS# and my birth date.  (RED FLAG!)  I said DUH! You have that information already on record and I don’t give it out over the phone.  The person said “but we need to verify it to remove you from the list”.  I told the voice on the phone:  First, if I don’t want to participate I’ll simply say no and hang up. Second, I should not have to give you information you already have on file in order to be put onto your do not call list.  The law says my name and number should be removed from your list at my request alone.  Would you care to test out the laws?  I’d be happy to start writing down dates and times for my attorney.

I hear some illegible muttering, a click, and silence.

I’m not sure if it really was someone from my insurance company or not.  I do get lots of snail mail and emails trying to get me to switch plans but I really like the one I have.  If my current plan changes or is no longer available then I’ll be changing at the end of the year’s term just like everyone else.  I’ll be the one initiating the call about plans instead of trusting someone who is calling me out of the blue.

After the phone call I did an internet search and sure enough there are many warnings of the phone scams about insurance.  Geeze, why don’t the people who come up with these schemes get a life? Just think of all the good things the scammers could do if only they used all that brain power toward curing illnesses or exploring new sciences.

UPDATE:  This came in the mail today.  Talk about timing.  I hadn’t even finished writing this post yet.  I believe this to be a very wrong thing for an insurance company to do.  Apparently the insurance company wants to tell me and my doctor what THEY believe is the best for me?  I don’t think so!

A letter about meds

You can click it to make it large enough to read it for yourself.  I think what really bothers me most about this is the idea a pharmacist believes themselves to be better informed about medical care than a doctor.  A pharmacist hired by an insurance company to make decisions about the medical care of someone they’ve never seen and never will see.  Its just wrong.


2 comments on “Possible insurance scam

  1. Annette
    July 24, 2015

    This sounds like a scam to me. Your insurance company should NEVER ask for your social security number over the phone. Have you googled the phone number? Sometimes people post when they get those kinds of scam phone calls.

    • Na Na
      July 25, 2015

      I’ve done a lot of research and wrote a newer post. Its legitimate and not a scam afterall.

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