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Fixing my freezer

My upright “frost free” freezer has been giving me the blues.  There is a buildup of ice at the bottom I can’t explain.  A frost free should not have any ice in it anywhere.  The drip pan underneath is empty which means for some odd reason the moisture is not going where it should go.

I tried to get a roast out of the bottom basket but it was stuck tight in ice.  I decided enough was enough!  Time to get rid of the ice AGAIN.  I do this 3 or 4 times a year.  I’ve had the same problem from the time I bought it.  I got out my picnic cooler and borrowed another one then went to work taking everything out.

Everything except that darned roast and a couple bags of greens also stuck in ice.

Food and kitchen 2015 608

Here is a close up of the ice build up that should not be happening. I hope you can see the ice on the white background.  Clicking the photo should make it larger for a better view.  Its about an inch and a half thick.

Food and kitchen 2015 609

I put rock salt on the ice and brought out the mop & bucket.  Yup, rock salt.  Heck if it will melt sidewalk ice in winter why not ice from a freezer?  Its such a boring chore mopping up water from dripping ice.  While I’m waiting for the ice to melt I thoroughly cleaned the shelving, the door boxes, and the interior walls.

After nearly 4 hours the visible ice is gone but there is still a steady drip coming from somewhere.  I know it won’t do a bit of good to put everything back until there is no more dripping.  I was determined to find the cause of the water drips and do what I could to eliminate the problem.

I took a gamble. I removed the inside back wall.  There were 4 screws holding it.  I was scared I might damage something but at the same time I knew I couldn’t afford to pay a repairman $120 service call for some minor fix. I kept saying a mantra…. fix it or toss it…. fix it or toss it…. fix it or toss it.  Yup I told myself if I damaged it then I’d simply do without a freezer.

Food and kitchen 2015 610

I found more ice over what appears to be the drain.  I put more rock salt on there and in a short time its gone.  I found a piece of white plastic that had been under the ice but over the drain. I haven’t a clue where it came from or what its purpose was. Anyway, I removed it and everything appeared to be normal.  I poured a little hot water down the drain just to be sure it was all cleaned out.  I could hear it landing in the drip pan underneath.

Yea!  I did it!  I fixed it myself for free!

I put everything back into the freezer. Its all very clean.  I did a bit of organizing while putting stuff back.  I’m not completely done with the organizing but that can wait until later.

Food and kitchen 2015 626

I really hope this was the last time I have to clear ice out of the bottom.  I gave my SIL that roast.  She’d been wanting one for awhile but the cost kept her from buying any. I’d say it was a good day after all.

6 comments on “Fixing my freezer

  1. MsNaUnd
    September 18, 2015

    Great you managed to repair it yourself ! It is very important to have no ice in a freezer as the ice makes the freezer use more electricity. I defreeze my freezer by putting a cup of hot water mixed with vinegar in the closed freezer. Then I open it and it is very easy to dry.

    • Na Na
      September 18, 2015

      I agree. I’m doing my best to keep my electric usage to minimum.

  2. sarasinart
    September 14, 2015

    That is so neat that what you did worked, and free!

    • Na Na
      September 14, 2015

      Thanks. Sometimes DIY is worth the effort.

  3. Frugalwarrior2
    September 13, 2015

    you got it. I was just going to tell you mine did the same thing and over heated and died. I didnt realize because its in the bsmt. I only had it 2 yrs too. Maytags just Ain’t what they used to be-many long years ago. I keep debating about replacing it. I feel i’m more efficient financially because I can see everything as opposed to the disappearing act things do in a cube. Plus short and almost fall in!

    • Na Na
      September 13, 2015

      Oh, that must have hurt your pocket book. I have an idea you might want to try. Look for a dorm room or bar fridge. You can use it as a freezer by turning it to the coldest setting. Of course its not an actual freezer but it works great for short term freezing. Like 4 or 5 months instead of a year.

      The best time to find one practically free is when college students go home for summer break. These show up in yard sales and thrift stores for very little cost. If you know a student about to graduate ask for theirs. You might get it free.

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