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The Kentucky fiasco

I prefer to stay away from controversial posts on my blog because I don’t like the flaming remarks I would get.  However, Kentucky has been in the center of America’s cultural war for the last couple of weeks and for me it feels quite embarrassing.

There is much talk in the news about a woman here in Ky refusing to sign marriage licenses for gay couples.  I am not going to debate about religion or gay rights but simply to state my personal thoughts about the media circus surrounding Kim and Joe Davis.

In my neighborhood there is a saying, “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”. Maybe you have the same saying where you live too. Disagreeing with a law does not allow a person to ignore that law.  People who disobey laws are called criminals around here.  Kim Davis went to jail for refusing to follow a judges court order.  She was found in contempt of court and jail time was the punishment.  She was not jailed for her religion or her personal beliefs.  Our Constitution would protect her from that.

The religious leaders and especially the politicians who flocked to take advantage of Kim’s fifteen minutes of fame should honestly know better. Anyone running for public office should know the laws.  They should most certainly know the Constitution!  For them to perpetuate a very public false defense in order to gain political recognition makes them worse. Not only are they supporting breaking the law but they are reinforcing ignorance and the troubling ideological beliefs of their followers.

Kim Davis had the right to choose to run or not run for public office. She knew what that public office responsibilities were before she decided to run.  Her right to choose where she works begins and ends with her.  If that public service job is too secular for her lifestyle and she desires a more “righteous” career maybe she should work for her church in some compacity instead of the public office she chose.

I believe Kim Davis and her husband Joe have simply become the latest Joe the plumber or Sheriff Joe or Joe Wilson who yelled “You lie!” at the president. What’s up with the Republicans and their connections to people who have the name Joe?  I predict you will find Kim and Joe Davis invited to the Republican National Convention next year.

As an American citizen Kim Davis has the right to her preferred religion.  The Constitution gives her that right.  The Constitution does not give her the right to twist or bend a law in order to force her religious beliefs onto others or punish them for having different beliefs.  Her Constitutional religious rights begin and end with her own right to choose.

When her husband, Joe Davis, was asked by the media how long Kim was willing to stay in jail his answer was “as long as it takes”. My thought on hearing his answer was….as long as it takes to what? What would be her intended end to the media circus?  Laws are not changed by protests or refusal to obey them.  Laws are changed by due process.

Kim Davis went to jail for refusing to follow a judge’s court order which is the same as saying I don’t believe in the law so I won’t abide by it. Its my opinion Kim Davis was sent to jail because she does not truly understand or accept the very founding principles of our Constitution that permits her to freely live according to her religious beliefs.

The embarrassing shame of this whole Kim Davis fiasco is that it points out our failure to fully educate and understand how the Constitution reads, how it works, and how it protects us all. Religion is mentioned twice in the Constitution.  Article VI and the First Amendment. If she read and fully understood those two references she would have known she cannot put her personal beliefs or religion above the Constitution.  She must obey the law.

Every person (every man, woman, and student)  in our whole country needs a refresher course on the fundamentals of the Constitution and what freedom really means in America.  These days the basic principles of the Constitution have been reduced to cliches and mostly used as a means to further personal endeavors.

Freedom of speech for example. Freedom of speech gives us the right to speak freely without censorship or punishment by the government.  It does not protect us from loosing our job or getting kicked out of a public gathering.  Another example is the Right to bear arms.  We have the right to own guns but that right does not protect us from punishment if we use those guns in unlawful ways.

America offers incredible rights and freedoms which should not be disrespected, thrown around, abused, or misused by being cliched as the means to an end. American Liberty should be respected, celebrated, kept safe, and extended to all.  Extended even to those who have a different point of view than our own.

I’m speaking as a senior citizen who remembers what strong patriotism felt like and sounded like when I was young.  I still feel the same way but I see many young people who don’t even know what the Constitution is beyond “a piece of paper some dudes signed in the olden days”.  Sad.

If you comment on this post please be civil about it.  Some controversy is ok but I will delete any that I feel are far too inflammatory.  Thank you.

Anita (aka Na Na)


5 comments on “The Kentucky fiasco

  1. Donna
    September 19, 2015

    Nana I totally agree with your thoughts. We may not agree with the laws as voted but they are the laws and a person voted in to public office/assigned to public office either follows those laws or should leave the office.

  2. captnmike
    September 19, 2015

    They are all just a bunch of showboating hucksters looking for their moment of glory – especially Mike Huckster who claims to be running for Prez.

    I was listening to Thom Hartman (great thinker by the way) on the radio a few days ago, and he just destroyed all the arguments about what the Bible said (according to the hucksters) and how the hucksters were not really following the Bible but were picking and choosing from it and in many cases just making things out of thin air.

    So sad the direction the country is going by a few fringe loony bins.

    • Na Na
      September 19, 2015

      I haven’t heard Thom Hartman speaking but I sure hope he pointed out that GOD wrote only ten laws according to the Bible everyone keeps quoting. He called them the ten commandments. Everything else was written by man. I don’t recall any of those ten laws saying anything about issuing marriage licenses. Do you?

      Yes, it is sad, and while everyone is being focused on the fiasco by the media it takes away from what’s happening in DC or other parts of the world. Any really smart reporter should be looking the other direction instead.

  3. Linda S.
    September 18, 2015

    You have eloquently expressed my feelings & I so agree about the “leeches” who rushed to her side for the photo op. Shame on them. It so often seems that the people who shout the loudest about their rights are the first to want to deny the rights of others. Thank you for a very well written piece.

    • Na Na
      September 19, 2015

      I really hope more people are starting to see this too. Opened eyes bring about change.

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