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Shh… don't tell anyone I'm poor. They all think I'm living frugal and green just like everyone these days. This is a blog about a senior citizen living a frugal life, on a fixed income, in a low income food desert, and passing along knowledge from lessons learned. Some she learned from her Grandma Mama many years ago and some learned only a few days ago.

Pre cook onions

You know how recipes that contain onions always tell you to “brown the onions” or “saute onions until tender” and stuff like that?  Well I don’t like waiting for onions to cook.  Here’s what I do to save both time and money when it comes to onions.

I chop up the whole bag.  This was a five pound bag.  I use a smallish rough cut chop because thats what I prefer.  The cut isn’t important.  Use whatever suits your fancy.

Food and kitchen 2015 753

Next I put a stick of butter in the crockpot and turn it on high.

Food and kitchen 2015 751

I add the onions.  You see?  The whole bag fits nicely in my crock pot.  Use however many works for your own.  Cover and cook on high for about four or five hours but giving them a stir about every half hour until the onions shrink down and the butter is distributed.

Food and kitchen 2015 755

Turn the crock pot to low and let the onions cook overnight.  Next day you have pre cooked onions.

Food and kitchen 2015 756

Yes, there is a lot of liquid from the onions and the butter.  Oh what flavor that liquid contains!  I bag them, liquid and all, into 1/2 cup portions and freeze.

Food and kitchen 2015 758

So now when I have a recipe calling for sauteed or browned onions the work is already done.  This saves time.  Since the onions are cooked and frozen, none go bad on me, and that saves money.

3 comments on “Pre cook onions

  1. Donna
    December 9, 2015

    So glad you are ok. I was worried because you had not logged for several days! Will have to try this out as I hate to wait too.

    • Na Na
      December 9, 2015

      No, nothing drastic wrong, I was working to finish up the Christmas quilts. The very last one for this year is on the machine and should be finished in about a week. I’m also baby sitting the new grand baby while Mommie works.

  2. Linda Smith
    December 9, 2015

    Great idea!

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