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Toll free number scams

Why the HECK do smart minds think of criminal ideas instead of doing good work?  Just think what the world would be like if those minds worked on ideas to save lives or to prevent wars.

I use toll free numbers often when contacting quilting suppliers or government offices.  Lately, when I call any toll free number I get a message saying I am “selected to take a short survey” or “have won a free gift card if I answer one question” for which I’m asked to press a number.

The first time this happened to me I was calling the toll free number of our state medicaid office to renew my mother’s medical benefits back in January.  I am absolutely sure I dialed the correct number.  I always check the screen on my phone before I push the dial button.  This would be the same toll free number for the office of food stamps and welfare here in Kentucky.  I remember thinking the state had done something new as I pushed the survey button.  When the guy tried to get my personal information I said “NO!” and hung up.

Next time it happened I was calling Quilter’s Dream Batting to place an order.  That time it was a different type of survey.  I just hung up and called the toll free number again which went through as it should.

I did find some information about the toll free number scams on the AARP website which sounds similar but I’m absolutely certain I dialed the correct numbers.  I always check the number on the screen before I push the dial button.  You can read it here for yourself.  Or read it on the NBC news website here.

As usual they are blaming the victim.  We “mis-dialed” the number.  We have “fat fingers” and can’t dial a correct number.  If that’s the case, then why is it I never mis-dial any that are not toll free numbers?  Aren’t my fingers just as fat no matter what number I’m dialing?  I’m telling you there is more to this scam than just mis-dialing a number.  But who’s gonna listen to a little old lady?



8 comments on “Toll free number scams

  1. Kathleen
    April 11, 2016

    Love the cartoon!!! ahahahahahaha! 😉

  2. wjcalderon
    April 10, 2016

    Just for the record, the IRS will NEVER call you.
    If they need to communicate with you, they will send a letter.

    • mem37814
      April 10, 2016

      I kept seeing this advertisement to check and seeif u qualified for cheaper car insurance on line.. Dummy me filled out all the info except my phone number and when I clicked on each of the sites to view the results -there was nothing. In 15 min I got a phone call saying how much he could offer my 2 cars insurance quote…..Never too old to learn!

  3. Cynthia
    April 9, 2016

    I haven’t heard of this one. I will pass on the warning. Glad you didn’t get scammed.

  4. mem37814
    April 9, 2016

    I had a “senior moment” yesterday. I tried to pay my Home Depo credit card statement on line and was refused. I called the customer service and was told to pay at my local Home Depo. I went getting into the power chair that they have, went to the cash register to pay and she said I could only pay $25. I ask her to call her manager bec I wanted to pay the total of $187.43.She did and he ask for my driver’s license to call the credit card bank. I overheard his surprise saying”she has already paid.” It was a bad day for me and I just burst out crying I could not stop. He was so nice. He talked to me for some time. Ask me if he could give me a hug etc.. There are still wonderful people out there to care for us forgetful people……

    • Anita
      April 10, 2016

      Yes, there are.

  5. sarasinart
    April 9, 2016

    Some of them call me. The other day one guy with a big accent, (saying he was from the IRS,) called me some names I can’t type here when I told him he was a scam. Yes, if people would put their minds on to something legal and useful, it would make such a difference. Some people get scammed out of huge amounts of money.

    • Anita
      April 10, 2016

      Yes, the IRS scam is hot this time of year.

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