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Shh… don't tell anyone I'm poor. They all think I'm living frugal and green just like everyone these days. This is a blog about a senior citizen living a frugal life, on a fixed income, in a low income food desert, and passing along knowledge from lessons learned. Some she learned from her Grandma Mama many years ago and some learned only a few days ago.

What next?

The furry kid and I are asleep.  He’s making tiny sleep barks and chasing some sleepy time creature.  I had a really good dream going on too.  When I’m awakened by….

Bam! Thump! Thump!  Plinka, plinka, plinka, plinka, plinka…..

Grrrrrr woof groof grooof grooof…..

I wake up with a start wondering what happened this time?  I stumble groggily toward the sounds to find the shower curtain rod had fallen into the tub.  I raise my hands to the heavens and wonder how I pissed off the god of new houses this time?  Why must these noises always happen in the middle of the night?

I had just installed the new shower curtain rod that day.  Its one of those kind with the rubber disks at the end that’s supposed to stay up no matter what.  Yeah, right!  It had lost its stay-uppidness just to irritate me in the middle of the night.  Time to find a solution. Umm… in the morning.

The bar does not have the spring inside.  Instead you pull it out to length and twist the end.  That isn’t a very good design to begin with and combine that with the slickness of new wall paint then nothing will keep it up there.  I tried command tape, shelf liner, and rubber cement.  Nope.  Didn’t hold.

What finally worked?  A tiny nail driven almost all the way into the wall.  Leaving just a mm of it for the rubber disk to grasp.  I also used some clear tape where the two parts of the bar meet to prevent it from creeping back.  So far, so good.

New house 2016 093


6 comments on “What next?

  1. kathi
    July 10, 2016

    i LOVE you. but NEVER trust THE STUFF. THEY say. “screw it this way..” NOPE. THAT way. etc etc. GLAD it was NOT the fancy one with the CURVE……i am still cursing? mine like THat one………..GIGGLE………….. YOU GO GIRL. was it a NEW rod? hmm? i know you. remember? all AOK if it ends AOk. SOMETIMES a GOOD HAMMER can FIX it ALL………………give me the HAMMER and the NAILS and WHO CARES about “holes in the wall” just DO IT MY FRIEND.. JUST DO IT……………

    • Anita
      July 12, 2016

      Giggles here too, I trust duct tape too but it failed me on this one. Yup new rod because the one left by the previous person was coated with wrinkly contact paper. Two different kinds. Neither looked good with my new shower curtain and hooks. I’ve had so many appointments and commitments away from home the last few days I couldn’t do anything except fix something to eat before landing in bed. Next couple of weeks look about the same.

  2. Donna
    July 10, 2016

    We have the same problem in our bathroom. Only when our rod came down it took paint with it! Will have to try your solution. Mine came down while I was in the shower.

    • Anita
      July 12, 2016

      Ooo, I hope you weren’t washing your head at the time.

  3. mem37814m
    July 10, 2016

    i tried using whit vinegar in my hand dish wash rinse water an it developed a “mother” in it. Have u had this happen? can I make vinegar from this “mother”? thanks

    • Anita
      July 12, 2016

      Hmm… sorry, I’ve been away from home most of the time the last few days. This is the first time I had time to turn on the computer. I’ve never heard of it before. I guess if it doesn’t have any chemicals in it then I don’t see why you couldn’t use it. The ph should not be higher than 2.4 for white vinegar and about 4 for apple cider vinegar. Hmm… I think I remember my Grandma Mama using the mother from pickles to make more vinegar to make more pickles. Not exactly sure though.

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