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War on BBQ

I woke too early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Before starting my day I watched some youtube videos.  Have you seen how there are many small cities and towns and neighborhood associations creating ordinances against cooking in your own back yard?  Yes, its true.  Its being called a war on BBQ.  Its happening in many places around the country.  People complain and the ordinances are being created against smells. The people creating the smells are getting hefty fines.   Where I live there are some ridiculous ordinances.  Hmm… if there is a possibility I can be fined for a bad smell in my own yard…………

I guess I’ll have to fart indoors from now on.  😉

17 comments on “War on BBQ

  1. Cath young
    June 30, 2018

    Here it’s the fear of fires. Too many houses caught on fire. But cause of them all have been electrical and people smoking or other small personal fire use—fell asleep and 🔥, Not a one from grilling. But they went after that as well. I have big back yard and not allowed to grill

  2. Tina
    June 30, 2018

    I live in a ground floor condo in the Seattle area. Barbecuing is actually permitted in our complex (although it is not allowed in many condo and apartment complexes in our area). We used to use our charcoal grill occasionally, but the smoke really bothered our 2nd and 3rd floor neighbors (which I can understand). Now we have a electric grill instead ( = way less smoke), but it isn’t quite the same.

    Our county also sometimes has burn bans in the summer when it’s very dry, which means no barbecuing at all due to the fire danger.

  3. Marybeth C
    June 29, 2018

    That is crazy. I would be really mad if this passed where I live. We BBQ most of the summer. Keeps the house cooler.

    June 29, 2018

    Since the trouble seems to originate with a neighbor who moved in about 3 years ago, while the long time neighbors have no complaints, perhaps the BBQers could see an attorney or mediation service to investigate.
    Sounds a lot like people who mobe to the country out of the city & then complain about the roosters crowing!! 🙂

  5. Nicole
    June 29, 2018

    Who complains about the smell of a barbeque?? I think the smell of cooking food is delicious and makes me hungry. Maybe people who are ethically opposed to eating meat can’t stand the smell of it cooking? But the smell isn’t dangerous like cigarettes or even strong perfume. I honestly don’t see how people can justify banning BBQs on private property. Maybe in an HOA, apartment complex, or in a public park–I still think that’d be wrong–but to ban it on normal private property??? That really makes no sense to me, and I think such laws should be repealed.

    • Anita
      June 29, 2018

      I can understand if someone has an industrial sized BBQ smoker in the backyard but not just a small grill. I can also understand it being banned in an area where major wild fires could get started. But in Florida or Georgia? That I don’t understand.

  6. Donna
    June 28, 2018

    Our neighbor town just changed their garbage laws. You can no longer put paper in the garbage. A separate can is provided for paper and they pick up once a month. One lady said she is just going to burn paper in her bbq. That would maybe cause a crummy smell. Our neighbors used to do that. Yuck. I think they put more than paper in. It is getting now where we are no longer in charge of our own life. Wonder when it ends.

    • Anita
      June 29, 2018

      That’s weird. So there is a whole can for just one or two pieces of junk mail or shredded personal mail? Has anyone checked to see where that paper is put after pickup? We have recycle containers for our bottles, paper, plastic, and aluminum but a reporter found out it all gets picked up and taken to a landfill anyway.

  7. sarasinart
    June 28, 2018

    That’s ridiculous and we have too many laws and crazy restrictions. And less and less freedom! Go ahead, fart where you feel the need, lol! 🤪

    • Anita
      June 29, 2018

      I so agree! Where does it all end? If the ordinance lady next door complains I’ll just blame it on her dog.

  8. Linda in NE
    June 28, 2018

    What is wrong with local politicians who think they need to pass an ordinance against something over every little complaint? Unless it’s something really MAJOR and DANGEROUS why can’t they just tell the complainers to get over themselves or move somewhere else?

    • Anita
      June 29, 2018

      Where I live we have some pretty weird ordinances too. No parking in your yard or on the street. No front yard gardens or front fences. No wrecked cars on your own property. And more.

  9. Kathi
    June 28, 2018

    THAT is the MOST REDICULOUS ordinance I have heard of in a LONG time. INSANITY. People have been cooking outdoors over fire since fire was discovered/invented. I actually ENJOY smelling a neighbor cooking out. I don’t do much of that, if any But I think it a GREAT thing. WOW.

  10. Linda S
    June 28, 2018

    Anita, LOL! You just give the word & we”ll all come & fart in your backyard with you. We’ll have the world’s first FART IN!

    • Anita
      June 29, 2018

      Hee hee, thanks. Maybe we could make it into the Guinness world record book.

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