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Shh… don't tell anyone I'm poor. They all think I'm living frugal and green just like everyone these days. This is a blog about a senior citizen living a frugal life, on a fixed income, in a low income food desert, and passing along knowledge from lessons learned. Some she learned from her Grandma Mama many years ago and some learned only a few days ago.

Last straw update

Evidently I upset some people with my post earlier today.  I lost three followers.  Honesty I was more frustrated and exhausted than angry.   Technical things really get under my skin when I can’t make them work the way they are supposed to work.  I don’t like asking for help either.  I’m embarrassed to have vented that way.  I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut until the frustration goes away before speaking.  Including type talking.

I sounded like I was against anyone with a foreign accent but that really was not the reason.  Most of the time if I ask the person to speak slowly I can understand them better.  You see, some accents are heavy with a rolling rrrr sound.  When someone with that kind of accent talks really fast the accent comes out as one long rrrrrrrrr and not much words.  If they speak slower I can hear the words said too.  When I had to call ATT about getting nomorobo on my house phone the accent guy was very helpful and he spoke slowly enough I could understand him.

I really can’t fault the accent guy for doing his job the way he’s expected to work.  Yes, it is frustrating when we can’t get happy results for our problem but life is not always fair.  Maybe the accent guy was new.  Maybe he was doing his best to keep a job to support a family.  Maybe his supervisor was standing over him watching to see that he followed the script.  There are a lot of things that are a maybe.  I have to remember that accent guy is a have not like the rest of us have nots.

Now ATT is another matter entirely.  There is no excuse for poor service from a major company like that.  Getting through all the robotic steps to get to a live person is very difficult.  It puts the caller into a bad mood even before hearing a live voice.  Then having a person read from a script further frustrates the one with the problem.   Sending a caller to an online DIY fix it website is not good either.   ATT seriously needs some lessons in customer relations.

My nephew works for the local school system.  He is the computer tech that fixes the school computers when the kids get things messed up with their experimenting.  He’s going to run all my malware, spyware, and anti-virus software for me.  Linda in NE suggested that maybe the problem is that ATT itself is considered spam and not just my email.  There was also a local news report saying many people have complained about computer hacks and massive spam infiltrating emails the last week.  My email could be one of those affected by the hacking.  Now that I’ve calmed myself down I’m sure things will work out.  I must give it time.  And, I still wonder why I’ve never talked to an accent girl.

Ah ha!  (click the photos for a closer view)  See the message line?  Sorry its not very clear but its hard to photo the white screen.

Before I published this post I checked my email.  I also checked the spam filter to be sure none was caught by mistake.  I had lots of spam.  There were three messages from ATT about an email update.  I opened one and it said that ATT was upgrading their classic email service.  If I didn’t want to loose my email I should update right away.  A link was included.

It looked very official with ATT in the sender line and the ATT/Yahoo logo on the page.  I can hover my mouse over the address to see where it really came from and none were actually from ATT.  The address is visible on the bottom photo.  They were spam.  If you get an email similar to this please check the address of the sender.  Do not click on the button provided.  This along with the news report has relieved my mind about what has been happening to my email.  I will wait until after my nephew works on the computer before following my favorite blogs again.

Before I publish post there is one other thing.  I really appreciate everyone helping me with this.  Its nice to have so many caring people reading about my blunders.  🙂

14 comments on “Last straw update

  1. Cath young
    July 27, 2018

    I refuse to talk to support staff outside of the US. I hang up. It costs me but it’s worth it not having to deal with the issues that I’ve had with them. For 5 years, I did, and so keep meticulous records of what I do each day. I had more than twice as much trouble and non resolutions which meant total waste of my time dealing with that voice on the phone, than with in country techs. I also want to keep those jobs in this country even if it adds to costs. I also slam the compsny in my reviews when this happens and so know it’s had some impact.

    I never click on an email link without checking it at the source. Never never never. Most that I get are legit. I’ve had very few scam emails but I’m careful. I also have multiple emails and i reserve one for notifications and other things and keep my personal one very close. Ithe one spam email i have gets all the junk and fraudulent offers. Like yesterday I had to give my email to get a price estimate for my car. I gotten 17 emails about cars and my home line that I don’t answer was ringing off the hook. Still is ringing sporadically today. I keep my cell phone number close.

    It’s a big trap out there to get your money. Anything happen, there are multiple hands out for the money. Not as many to help out

    I’ve tried to keep my hands busy to help out as Ivd been blessed with having enough to take care of my needs and a bit extra. But having that extra has only because I am careful. Blogs like yours inspire me. Sometimes I feel like the only one , carefully planning meals and not buying “stuff “ so that the money is there for something that comes up in my life or a loved one’s. Then all of a sudden I’m not so cheap. All those Starbucks drinks I passed up, pay for that major car repair or dental mishap. Or for something super special. They( some family members) certainly aren’t going to have it

  2. Jean Bender Bontrager
    July 27, 2018

    Hi Na Na,
    I was surprised when you referenced the person’s accent. As I grow older I am becoming aware that when I have struggle with language while I am sorting a problem, it irritates me. I would feel the same about a person with a thick accent from somewhere in the U.S.
    I assume that was your feeling. If it was intentionally racist then it may affect my feelings about continuing to subscribe. I think you have much to teach folks so hope you continue to write good content. I trust you will!


    • Anita
      July 28, 2018

      Jean, thanks for putting a different perspective on this. You are right its probably just as difficult for someone in another country to understand our accents too. I believe everyone would agree talking with a person in a call center who is reading from a script is a very unpleasant experience no matter where it is located or what language is spoken.

    • Cath young
      August 2, 2018

      An important part of any phone operator is clarity of speech. Heavy accents, whether US or international is a liability.

  3. Helen
    July 26, 2018

    So sorry you are struggling with technical troubles. It is maddening. My son helps me because I’m dumb as a post in figuring out computer issues. If I had to depend on hiring help for problems I likely wouldn’t be able to afford to be online. Really hoping you get some answers soon.

    As for people with strong foreign accents on the phone I really don’t care about anyone’s ethnicity, Most people of different cultures are courteous and try to be helpful. I just want to be able to understand what is being said and it can be frustrating at times. My hearing is not as good as it used to be and I struggle to make out things, particularly if the answers are given rapidly. I often have to ask for a repetition, a slower response and sometimes for things to be spelled out. No doubt I’m stressing out the poor guy on the other end of the line at the same time.

    It’s nobody’s fault, just one of those things brought about by our global community and modern communication

  4. Ellen
    July 26, 2018

    Gosh, so sorry to here about your email woes. I’ve had similar issues- getting hacked, trying to deal with customer service reps with foreign accents, etc. When my email got hacked, I wasn’t receiving any responses to the emails I sent out. My email address was a at that time. I couldn’t find any living person who worked at yahoo to help me with the problem. I did a lot of investigative work on my own and what I found out was that the hackers had changed one letter in my email name (changing it from ellenisland to ellemisland). The hackers made the change only on the return email address. So, I could email people using ellenisland but when people replied to that email, it went to the email the hackers set up- ellemisland. So, I never received any replies from the emails I sent because the ‘reply to’ email address had been hacked. Da** hackers and da** yahoo. I immediately closed my yahoo account and set up a gmail account. I also strongly encourage anyone with a yahoo account to close it and switch to gmail or whatever. Good luck. Sure hope your nephew can resolve the issue.

  5. Kathi
    July 26, 2018

    oh Anita. I so understand your problems with attt “customer service”. that is why I no longer have att services. I’ve changed my phone and internet services to the cable company. it is totally exasperating to have to sit thru all those “press one, or two” and the “menu’s” which are more numbers to be pressed and yes, by the time I get to an actual human I AM a tad uppity, at the least. I also am exasperated with call centers that are NOT in the USA.(or our good friends Canada) We need the jobs here. and then to keep receiving the “scripted answers” that are not responding to our actual questions and dilemma’s. Yes, I have gone ballistic in some cases. I did NOT receive an email from you I am so sad to say. We have so much to catch up on. (tee hee) I do still have my att email address, but I use my yahoo email most of the time. I have no way to check the “spam folder” for att mail, I can just read the ones they let through. I hope you find a resolution to your problem. I fear it will not come from att “customer service” or their “help line”. so sorry. It is a very sad state of affairs when “customer service” is now near non existant. I long for the days when a real person picks up the phone. That is becoming very rare, even at the doctor’s office.

    As for those who have chosen to unfollow your blog…. It seemed quite clear to me that you were complaining about a person with a heavy accent that was obviously not in a call center located in the USA, or Canada. Not immigrants or naturalized citizens doing their jobs. I jot down names the moment a real person gets to the line. I often feel I am being given even a scripted name. Another great sadness of the current age is that people will find anything to get upset over. You have a right to politely vent your feelings. To discuss. To converse. The line used to be don’t discuss religion or abortion. Now. there is going to be someone who gets offended over whatever you say. Sadly the ones who are on an anti bullying campaign, are also the ones who bully better than anyone else IF you dare have an opinion that disagrees with theirs. So, my friend, we pull up our big girl panties, and deal with life the very best we can, KNOWING you have MANY friends. and it’s all AOK. well IF the email gets fixed. YIKES!!!

  6. Lilli
    July 26, 2018

    Anita, I am so sorry to read this post. I surely wasn’t offended by this post and I am really sorry to hear that someone else might have been. Almost anyone and everyone I know who has ever had to deal with customer service centers located outside of the United States has voiced this complaint. I have many many times. I don’t find it to be a racist complaint. This old white woman here is a lot of things but I can never be called racist for dealing with customer service agents who speak English, read from a script and do not understand one word in the language. When I am frustrated with whatever problem I am having, the last thing I need is not being able to understand a lick someone else is reading from a script. It is really nice to get your problems resolved when you are surely paying for whatever issue is involved . By the way , my late husband was a Sikh from New Delhi so I am quite familiar with the language barrier. Lately I find so many people being offended by what they consider to be their rights. Perhaps , common decency should be considered. Now On the lighter side, my children still giggle about how dad would tell one of them to go get their siblings out of the jungle and come in the house for dinner. Our first ten years together were quite comical. Although I speak Hindi, I cannot read or write a lick of it. More huggs from Atlanta.

  7. Margie in Toronto
    July 26, 2018

    It was obvious that you were very upset yesterday so I think we can cut you a bit of slack. Unfortunately one of the jobs that many new arrivals can get is at a telecom centre and also, the “Help Lines” for many large companies are actually located overseas – hence the sometimes heavily accented English. I think it is frustrating for all concerned and I blame the companies for not doing a better job of accommodating their customers and for not offering their staff better training. What many people don’t understand is that an accent (from wherever) is actually accentuated on the phone – so it can be difficult to understand someone over the phone when you would have little trouble in person. I just try to take a deep breath and remind myself that the voice on the phone is doing it’s best to help me but if I truly cannot understand then I will ask to speak with someone else – there is no point in driving both of us crazy.
    Hopefully your nephew will be able to get things sorted. Oh and it may be a bigger problem – a blogger from the UK that I read is also reporting similar issues today.

  8. Sandy
    July 26, 2018

    Hope this gets settled positively for you soon.

  9. carenowplease
    July 26, 2018

    It is incredibly frustrating Anita, totally understand.

    My latest ‘tech’ issue is microsoft autofills which sometimes enter my old address, that’s caused a couple of problems! I think I’ve switched it off now but there is a ‘help’ program installed itself with Windows 10, well it’s not very helpful to me!

    I disapprove very much of companies using general call centers, seems wrong in several ways, I try only to buy services where I can go into an office and get personal help if there is a problem.

    Appreciate you. You’re entitled to a bad day, don’t apologize for being human!

    • Anita
      July 27, 2018

      I’ll start to worry when the bad days out number the good ones. 🙂

  10. Linda S
    July 25, 2018

    I fully understand your frustration. I basically hate this whole techno-world but unfortunately it is what it is. Century Link is the worst – people are polite but for one simple problem I have been transferred 8 times only to lose the connection. How I long for the days of calling a real person. People who have grown up with all this simply don’t understand our feelings of frustration & vulnerability.

    • Anita
      July 27, 2018

      You are not the first person who has told me Century Link was horrible about hang ups. The days of live person help are rapidly fading away. Especially with the advancement of newer artificial intelligence everyday. Its going to be a robot run world.

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