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Last straw

I HATE HATE HATE technical stuff.  And I’m beginning to hate ATT even more than before.  I would switch to another internet company but in Louisville the other one is worse than ATT.

I spent another 5 hours on the phone with the att tech support repeating and repeating and repeating the same information.  If that wasn’t enough I repeated and repeated more.  Then doing my best not to loose my temper as accent guy said once again I should change my email password and check my spam filter.  Dang it!  #%@^^&*$**& I’m not having issues with too much spam.  MY EMAIL IS THE SPAM!  I don’t want to be the spam anymore.  The situation is made worse by the call center being in a foreign country and everyone has a heavy accent.  I asked accent guy over and over to please talk slower or get someone on the phone with better English.  He talked louder, not slower.  Sigh.

I tried to explain to accent guy this way.  If I send you an email you will never see it because it goes to your spam filter.  Also, if you send me an email I read it then reply back to you but you will never see the reply because it goes to your spam filter.  I do not have problems receiving email, just sending it.  What did accent guy say?  Yes, I can help you with that.  We  will change your email password.  )&)(*&)^*(*&^  My email password has been changed many times and I still have the problem.

I asked accent guy if he would just deactivate or delete the bad email address and give me a new one.  Apparently that can’t be done.  Once you have an email address you always own it.  I can get more email addresses though.  Another email was set up but doesn’t work at all.  I grew so frustrated I hung up before I would say something I’d regret.

I tried setting up a gmail email but no matter what address I chose its already taken…. choose another.  Even when I tried one of the google suggested addresses I got the same message.  After several tries I gave up on that too.

By the end of the day the situation had gotten much worse.  Now I’m no longer receiving emails and I can’t get anyone to respond to the ones I send.  Lilli commented on the blog that she had sent me a long email.  I never got it.  Comments made on the blog should appear in my email for moderation.  They don’t.  I have the option to moderate in email or through the blog dashboard.  None of the comments are making it to my email so I’m moderating on the blog dashboard.

I’ve emailed some long time friends (Kathi in Flint) (Martha in Indianapolis) but no response back from them.  I know if they had gotten an email from me they would answer.  I emailed three of my former quilting customers.  When I called to ask about the emails none had received it.  I’m no longer getting messages from lists I belong to like Freecycle and Machine Quilting Professionals and the blogs I follow.  I did go through and unsubscribe to the blogs I follow in order to prevent the problem from spreading to them.  If or when this issue is fixed I’ll follow again.  Today I’ll unsubscribe from the lists too.  Another email problem was noticed this morning.  When I ship a finished quilt by USPS or UPS I sign up for email tracking notices.  There is one quilt on its way home but I’m not getting the notices.  UGH!

These issues have been going on and progressively gotten worse since September when my email was hacked.  I don’t need such frustration as this.  I have enough frustrations just getting through each day.  I’m going to rest my mind for a few before calling ATT accent guys again.  Hmm…. I wonder why there are never any accent gals?  Anyway, until the email issue is fixed I’ll use the blog comments to communicate.  If you comment but wish it to remain anonymous let me know.  I can delete it instead of approve.

12 comments on “Last straw

    July 26, 2018

    With all this technical “updates” that just make things more complicated, I’ m beginning to sound like my parents with car repair problems — chasing down & finding a good mechanic who knew more than the dealership ones about advanced problems… and my dad worked on airplane engines himself!
    If it was beyond his basic engine skills, then I knew we were going to eat cassaroles for a while, to accumulate the money for a big repair bill…
    That part of life sure hasn’t changed much, only that for us seniors it’s computers & medical crises that bug us.
    Take care everyone in this heat!!

    • Anita
      August 3, 2018

      I remember those kinds of days too.

  2. Sue
    July 25, 2018

    Anita, I received your email and sent a response, so your email came to me, just my response got lost, if that helps any.

    • Anita
      July 25, 2018

      Thank you Sue. Read my newest post to see what I’ve found out.

  3. Lilli
    July 25, 2018

    Anita, we all know I am a dinosaur and have no technology skills. I did receive your emails and I sent you a really long one. Nothing really important. I am wondering if one of us could set you up a gmail from our end. You could log into it and then reset the password so it would be yours only and private. Kind of an odd arrangement but it would work I think. You can email me back or respond here if that would help any. Lots of hugs from Atlanta. If you send me another email, note it on here so I will know if it doesn’t show up when it should.

    • Anita
      July 25, 2018

      Hee, hee, I have a southern drawl very much like that of people in your area. I used to tell people my speech was a result of eating so many Georgia peaches. Read my newest post of what I’ve found out.

  4. Margie in Toronto
    July 25, 2018

    Oh dear – how frustrating! We have a cable/internet company here who can be very frustrating and once I feel that the original person on the line can no longer help me in any way I’ve learned to simply say “Please escalate this matter right now” – not sure if it’s the rule at AT&T but here they must do this. Sometimes just getting someone new can help. Wish I could offer more – perhaps if you tell them that you won’t be paying their bill until it gets sorted they will do a bit more? Is there an actual location where you can take your computer or do they offer at home service? Both of those options should be free. Good luck – I do feel for you Anita.

    • Anita
      July 25, 2018

      Maybe I should think about moving to Toronto. You think an American with a very heavy southern country drawl would be welcomed there? I’m kidding. There are only 28 ATT call centers in the US. They do hire refugees quite often and offer lessons for speaking English. The largest call center is located in India. Which call center we get connected to is a roll of the dice. The employees are discouraged from transferring the call. Yesterday I was just frustrated and exhausted which made me sound more angry than I really was. My nephew works for the school system fixing their computers. He will be here this weekend to help me get it fixed. Things will work out if I just slow down and take things one step at a time.

  5. Linda in NE
    July 25, 2018

    So sorry for your problems. Maybe AT&T has made it onto the lists as spam & emails from that domain just go to email spam folders. Also, since you were hacked, have you downloaded the free Malwarebytes, Super Anti-Spyware and maybe even Spybot Search & Destroy to your computer and run them? Another thought: Unless you are paying for a static IP address for your account you are most likely using a shared IP address with who knows how many other people. That’s how Internet providers set it up. Since there was a hack, if there was a lot of spam email sent from that IP address it may have made it onto spam lists that the spam filters catch. Your Internet provider will never tell you any of this. The accent guy you are talking to is working from a script and will tell you to do the same thing over and over and over with the same result (the description of insanity) because that is all he knows how to do. Can you escalate to a supervisor and just keep asking for the next one up the ladder? Maybe you will get lucky and find someone who actually knows something. If worse comes to worse you may have to have your computer completely wiped and Windows reinstalled and there’s no guarantee that will help if it’s the IP address issue. I have no love for AT&T. We have DirecTV which was bought out by AT&T and all we got out of it was ever increasing prices. Since we finally got decent Internet speeds here I’m experimenting and researching using a streaming service for TV and dumping DirecTV. It would be quite a bit cheaper.
    Good luck, Anita.

    • Anita
      July 25, 2018

      Thanks Linda I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe it is the ATT IP address that’s the problem and not my email. Yes, accent guy was reading from a script and for whatever reason didn’t want to give the call to another person. I guess I sounded rather harsh in my post but I was just frustrated that’s all. Maybe accent guy was doing what he was told to do in order to keep his job. I try to be tolerant and patient because I know they must work and it takes time to learn a different language. If the accent is really strong with the rolling rrr sound and they speak very fast it comes to me as one long rrrrrrrrrrrr and little else. I do ask that they speak slower so the rrrr doesn’t overwhelm the words. Sometimes they do slow down. My nephew works for the school system fixing the computers after the kids get everything messed up. He will be here this weekend to check the computer for any malware or viruses. I’ll contact ATT again next week.

  6. Kathleen
    July 25, 2018

    Good Luck!! ❤❤❤
    Your original problem with your e-mails going into their spam box is their problem…you can’t force their e-mail to except your address…most places I have found always suggest that I add Blogs e-mail into my address book so it won’t go to my spam file.
    My husband always would just hang up if it was a foreign voice he couldn’t understand and call back. Less stress that way…
    Hope it gets better for you…❤

    • Anita
      July 25, 2018

      You are right. I can’t control what’s on the other end. My nephew will be here over the weekend to check my computer. He’s a computer tech for the school system. If anyone can fix it he can. Kids can really mess up computers with their experiments and he fixes them all the time.

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