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Shh… don't tell anyone I'm poor. They all think I'm living frugal and green just like everyone these days. This is a blog about a senior citizen living a frugal life, on a fixed income, in a low income food desert, and passing along knowledge from lessons learned. Some she learned from her Grandma Mama many years ago and some learned only a few days ago.

Again an episode

I had another episode of chronic fatigue syndrome that kept me in bed for a few days.  It must have been from the stress over the email issue.  Or maybe I was coming down with it just as the email issue started.  Anyway, I’m feeling better and just in time.  My daughter is out of town for a week and I’m babysitting the youngest child.  After she returns then the next two weeks are the fair.  I go several days because I love it.   I can’t possibly see everything all in one day.  In the past it was like a staycation for me before the Christmas rush quilts started.  I don’t quilt for the public anymore though so the fair is just a nice get away from home.

Ooo, NaNa, I spotted something.

When the fair is over I usually start my fall cleaning and preparing for the long winter ahead.  This year I’m including more STUFF tossing.  I have items I haven’t touched since before I moved here two years ago other than to take it out of moving boxes.  I see no need to keep anything I’m not using.  Many things will be put onto Freecycle just in case someone has a need.

Can I play with it Na Na?

Quilting stuff and canning stuff is always a quick mover on Freecycle.   I’m still going to be canning but I have way more jars than I need for one person.   I stopped using quart jars years ago.  Now its time to limit the number of pint jars and switch to using more half pint jars which are the right size for single serve meals.  My daughter has said she might want to start canning.  Maybe I can convince her to get started by gifting her what I no longer need.  I received my senior commodity produce coupons and I found a farmer’s market that doubles the coupons.  Four dollars will be turned into eight dollars worth of produce.

Several quilting books, fabric, and craft items have been gathering dust a long time.  Someone on freecycle interested in learning can benefit from that stuff.  There are several charities I’m sure would want the fabric. Yes, I still plan to make quilts.  My design choices have changed over the years.  Patterns that were on my to-do list no longer interest me.  Fabrics I gathered years ago are not my color choices today.  For about 25 years I’ve been gathering what I need for a special quilt I wanted to make.  Customer quilts always took priority over my own quilts and I could never get it made.  Now that I’m no longer working for the customers I have a desire to get that one finally made.

My family history is still on my to-do list.  I plan to put it into book form as gifts this Christmas.  I’ve gathered lots of information from other people over the years.  All of it is hand written notes which I’ll verify then put into a computer file.  I’m the only one with very old photos and I’m the only one that knows who the people are.  I hope no one gets upset with me but I used the last of the blog donations I received a few months ago to buy a portable scanner.  The nice thing about the scanner is that its small enough I can take it to the library and make copies of genealogy pages in books then bring the information home to put on my computer.   (there is a PS at the bottom of the post)

I still need a tablet thing to go with the scanner but I’ll have to save the money for it.  I’m not sure that’s what its called.  Is it a tablet or an iPad or a lap top?  Its one of those hand held things little kids play games on these days.  What I’ll do is scan photos or books then view on the tablet thing to be sure the image is clear and straight enough before leaving the library.  If I get one with an attachable keyboard I could type notes to go with the scans.  Anybody have something like that their kids no longer use and may I have it?  Maybe someone graduated to a newer one and doesn’t need the old one?  My grand kids have all broken theirs so I can’t use any of them.

My cooking for one is still going well despite being off somewhat during my illness.  I don’t believe I’ll be buying as much at the grocery which will be much better on my budget.  I’m feeding only one person instead of many people.  I believe eventually my food storage will be much better suited to feed one and include more fresh produce.  Providing the price of food doesn’t keep out pacing my budget.   I can even imagine not going to the food bank as often or maybe not at all because I won’t need it.  Hmm… another thought just occurred to me.  I could use the portable scanner to scan recipes from cookbooks at the library too.

My annual checkups are scheduled for this month too.  Breast smashing (mamo), foot massaging with toe nail clipping (podiatrist), eye dilatation with deep staring into them (eye exam), and a long conversation with my doctor about my progress over the year.  I’ll explain my new cooking for one ideas to her.  I believe she will be happy with what I’m doing.  Its also time for yearly flue and pneumonia shots too.  All these appointments are scheduled for the week following the fair closing.

As you can see this month is filled with activities which may limit my computer and blogging time.  If I don’t post for a few days you know I’m just busy.

P.S.  I tried out the scanner.  I love, love how its supposed to work….. but doesn’t.  I called the manufacturer.  They verified I have either a defective scanner or a defective docking port and referred me back to the seller for replacement.  I called the seller.  A very nice young man said he would send me a replacement along with a return label to return the defective one.  I did manage to scan a couple of photos by using the reset button a couple of times.  I absolutely love how quickly it scans photos.  I’m anxious to get started.

8 comments on “Again an episode

  1. Lilli
    August 8, 2018

    Anita , my technology skills belong in the dinosaur era. We no longer buy Ipads due to cost but I find the Kindle Fires to be great. I stream stuff to watch on my original one and I love my 8 inch for daily use. I have seen Amazon run sales for 29.99 to 49.99 during the year. Unless I am printing something, I rarely use the laptop. Black Friday and the Xmas sales are a good time to get them.

    • Anita
      August 9, 2018

      Thanks Lilli I’ll check on that. I don’t know one thing from another. I don’t need to print the photos. All I need is to know the scans are straight and clear before leaving the library. The keyboard would be for notes about the scan such as where I found information and who I am researching but I could write it on paper.

  2. craftytadpole
    August 8, 2018

    I am so happy that you can now “indulge” in your own projects. Time to free your soul. Your grandchild is a real cutie. What a great smile!

    • Anita
      August 9, 2018

      Thank goodness my grand daughter is a low key baby. She is very much like Ladybug was as a baby. Content to set with toys for long periods of time before being mischievous.

  3. Margie in Toronto
    August 8, 2018

    Sorry you’ve had a flare-up – don’t overdo things – even with the little one.
    I came across this recipe and thought it might be something you’d like to try:

    The LowCarb Diabetic is a site where I find a lot of good recipes.
    Have fun with your granddaughter.

    • Anita
      August 9, 2018

      Thanks, I’ll have a look at it.

  4. Linda Smith
    August 6, 2018

    That little one looks like watching her could be a full time job! Full of mischief but such a cutie. Have fun at the fair.

    • Anita
      August 7, 2018

      Thanks Linda, she is a handful but thankfully she takes two good naps each day.

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