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Shh… don't tell anyone I'm poor. They all think I'm living frugal and green just like everyone these days. This is a blog about a senior citizen living a frugal life, on a fixed income, in a low income food desert, and passing along knowledge from lessons learned. Some she learned from her Grandma Mama many years ago and some learned only a few days ago.

Happy holiday

I hope everyone has a great day filled with lots of good food.   This is one of the posts I wrote before the ice storm power outage a few days ago.

Arrrr, its happening again!

I need to vent some today.  Technology is very frustrating for me.  Just when I get used to using something “they” go changing it.  Not in small simple easily understandable steps for seniors to understand but the whole thing, every part all at once.  They give us no choice.  Ok, maybe a choice of background color or brightness but little else.

Its kind of like leaving your home early in the morning and come home in the evening to a totally unfamiliar house.  Absolutely everything familiar has been moved, replaced, repainted, or taken away completely.  Your nice comfortable home is not yours anymore.  Heck, you find even the door is changed making it difficult to get inside.

Those who rewrite the technical stuff say they made it easier to use.  HA!  Its only easy for those familiar with the jargon and have young eyes.  Suppose I told them I wrote a good set of instructions to make a quilt from scratch and tell them its mandatory they make several.  Hmm; Take ten lengths of different color cloth.  Slice and dice into squares, triangles, and hexies.  Rearrange and put back together with 10 SPI at 1/4 seam but being careful not to do any frog stitching.  Flatten as you go.  Sandwich and quilt as desired.  Very simple and easy  Now go make quilts.

I have a very hard time keeping up with the fast paced changing world of technology.  I’ve found (over the years) that when one thing or company makes technical changes they all make technical changes to accommodate each other.  These changes usually happen at Thanksgiving and Christmas time.  This week I received notice from my bank, from att phone service, from att email, from google, from Flickr, and from wordpress that changes have been made.  Soon after technical changes we get an announcement there will be the higher costs associated with them.

Technology is designed only for the young.  That would be the under 40 working crowd and their children.  The workplace is a great place to hear from other people what new things are available and how helpful those things are.  Once you grow to retirement age and leave the corporate world you become isolated from that benefit.  It feels weird when I can’t use a cell phone for more than a phone call but my one year old grand daughter knows how to find and  play games or watch kiddie videos on her mommies phone.  I’m told she asked Santa for her own iPad.

Today’s technology is built by a young generation for the even younger generations.  The older individuals are not even considered when technology is created or changed year after year.  Take touch screens as an example.  Sounds simple to use right?  But, touch screens don’t consider the problems often encountered by seniors.  As people age our reaction times age right along with us.  Touch screens rely on the warm blood circulation in our finger tips but with older people the circulation in our finger tips has aged and often doesn’t register on the device.  Older folks may have “shakes or tremors” causing the screen to think its a swipe instead of a touch.  When older people can’t make a simple touch screen work like a one year old child it can be a tearful frustration.

Not long ago I watched my three year old grandson interacting with another person over the internet on his own game device.  It was like a tv on both ends so they could see each other while they played a game.  He told me it was called face timing.  I started wondering about that.  Visiting someone in a nursing home or assisted living isn’t always possible because its in another city or state.  A face to face phone call like the kids do could be the next best option to an in person visit.  So where are the special video phones for those isolated lonely people in nursing homes who need face time?

Not only is technology out pacing me mentally its costing more and more while my income remains dormant.  How much more belt tightening can I do?  Ok for those who don’t understand what belt tightening means it comes from the great depression era of the 1930s.  During the great depression many people were without jobs.  People were starving for lack of money to buy food so they grew thinner making it necessary to tighten their belts to hold up their pants.  The poorer and hungrier the person the tighter the belt.

I keep asking myself do I really want the frustration of learning new technology that the younger generation takes for granted?  Can I justify the added expense of owning and using that new technology at the same time I struggle to pay the bills?  Heck, even writing a blog has become outdated.  Now days people do videos instead of typing thoughts and words on a dusty old keyboard into an outdated computer.  People prefer to watch videos on their phones rather than read written words these days.  No wonder the kids are no longer being taught to write with a pencil and paper anymore.  Why write when touching a screen is easier and making or watching a video is faster.  If the young generation are not careful pretty soon we seniors will have our own secret way of communicating.  We will use paper, pencil, and cursive writing and no one will know what we are saying to each other.

Sigh.  Don’t worry, I’m just venting.  Life as a senior living below the poverty line can be difficult and overwhelming at times.  As always when life throws a boulder in my path I vent for awhile and then somehow find a way around it and keep on going.


13 comments on “Happy holiday

  1. Nicole A
    December 3, 2018

    I’m odd for my age group (I’m 33 years old). My parents (in their 60’s) understand computers, Ipads, cellphones, etc a whole lot better than I do. I don’t even HAVE a cellphone, and have the vaguest idea how to use one when forced to do so.

    I also would much rather read something, than to watch a video, because (1) I try to limit screen time for my young children, (2) I can read at my own pace, and do so when they’re napping, and (3) it uses less data on my satellite internet plan.

    Sigh, at the pace I’m keeping up with technology, I’m going to be hopelessly lost by the time I’m a senior…but honestly I really don’t care. I like life better without screens. I think I’ll be like my grandpa, who refuses to use a computer (let alone a cell!). He’s 92, and stopped keeping up with technology when he ceased to be able to fix it with his own two hands (he had a type-writer repair kit).

    Thank you for the history on belt-tightening. I’d never really thought of it that way, because people just seem to use it as a general getting-prepared-to-face-adversity saying, not limited to poverty/hunger (like tightening a belt before stepping into battle, or setting out to start some big task that needs to get done, etc).

    • Anita
      December 10, 2018

      Not to worry Nicole, I see a future that needs people that are NOT hooked into technology. Some need to keep the skills of reading and writing for a time when its needed again. Some of us are keeping the old skills such as sewing, food preserving, knitting, and cursive writing for “just in case” they are needed again someday.

  2. Donna
    November 23, 2018

    Boy you sure said a mouthful! I totally agree with you. My bank changes their home screens like some people change underwear (not quite but you know what I mean). I just get everything figured out and they change it again. As for kids, I think they are born with an additional gene for data understanding that us older folks did not get. I sometimes think I will quit the computer and go back to the old way. But some things only come electronically now. I guess I am just an outdated model.

    • Anita
      November 24, 2018

      I believe a lot of us are outdated models. These days even the homeless have cell phones with internet but I’m still using a land line phone.

  3. Jackie
    November 22, 2018

    Gosh! I sure appreciate you!

    • Anita
      November 23, 2018

      Thank you Jackie. I appreciate my readers too.

  4. Lilli
    November 22, 2018

    Most of the time, I am lost. I find that I can Google something and sometimes find a solution. You tube is pretty good too. Technology is scary and I have become resistant to learning much of the crazy stuff. Apple products are way out of our budget. I really love our tablets from Amazon. They released a new version of the Kindle/Fire in October. I found a deal on either QVC or HSN . The tablets are about 110.00 at Amazon. I bought a two pack of the new edition for 99.00 and it included vouchers to order two of those special cases to keep them from breaking. Those run about 30 dollars a piece so this was really great for me. I have seen these offers still popping up in my Facebook feed. Maybe the child’s mother might want to look into these. A 20.00 two year warranty will replace the broken tablet up to 3 times. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth over the years. Hope you are cozy and warm sewing happily away.

    • Anita
      November 26, 2018

      My daughter says the other grandmother is getting the iPads. I’ll have my daughter suggest this to her. Yes, warm and sewing away. Yesterday was warm but today is cold. I hope you are cozy and warm too.

  5. Cath young
    November 22, 2018

    You are right. It’s difficult for me to barely keep up. My kids are the only reason I have a computer, iPhone and iPad. I bought the computer myself 5 years ago. The iPhone has come from upgrades from a Family Plan for which I feel costs too much. It took me a long time to upgrade to a smartphone which is $10 a month more but I’m finally used to it. I go the Ipad as a gift last year. It’s an older model repurposed for me but I do just fine with it.

    I think it all comes down to the phone for me now. Just my worsening eyes and the rising prices are the obstacles.

    I still keep a paper notebook for record and thought keeping.

    I think you do well, having a Blog, video taping. I do worry about being priced out. I’m afraid many of us elderly will be. Fixed income and rising costs are in our future

    • Anita
      November 26, 2018

      I struggle to buy food so every month when I pay the phone/internet bill I ask myself should I give it up. I stay with it because I use the internet for family history research and diabetes education as well as communicating with quilt customers and this blog. I share your feelings and those of everyone on fixed income. We may be priced out.

  6. Tracy
    November 22, 2018

    ‘…go make quilts’! I will make that my mantra for this week, anyone irritates me.

    ‘So where are the special video phones for those isolated lonely people in nursing homes who need face time?’
    is the movie of one man’s devoted project to bring recorded music to all seniors, but you are right, there is tremendous resistance towards using available technologies to enhance lives, partly due to cost and profit, but only partly.

    I used to visit with a lady who could only turn her head and talk and swallow, the rest of her body was immobile due to Parkinson’s disease. Several of her children and grandchildren were engineers and could easily have hooked up technology to communicate with her more, or have her do basic things via computer. When I suggested it she said she wasn’t interested, she had a pipe she could blow into near her mouth which summoned a care giver, and the care giver could do it for her.

  7. Linda in NE
    November 22, 2018

    I hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving….technology be damned.

    Speaking of technology, I finally got fed up with DirecTV, poor service & ever increasing prices and cut the cord. That was made possible by our itty bitty town finally getting decent Internet. We already had the Roku streaming devices & Amazon Prime video so I signed us up for Hulu with Live TV…pretty much the basic channels you’d get with cable/satellite along with the local channels & the on demand movies and TV shows. Works fine for me, but the hubby is having a heck of a time making the transition. It’s almost like learning to use a new remote and pressing the OK button every time to make a selection is beyond him. And he doesn’t get that he has to pay more attention to what is on the screen while he’s pressing buttons.

    • Anita
      November 23, 2018

      I had a good holiday. I hope you did too. Sounds like your hubby and I are kindred spirits. When I’m at my daughter’s house I have to ask the one year old or the three year old to work the remote for me. I cut the cord several years ago and I’ve never regretted it. Ladybug showed me how to use the Roku to watch movies and how to watch youtube on my tv.

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