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Dental estimates

I sure hope these scans come through alright. This first one is from the dental school last year. I wanted readers to see that the dental school is not free. They charge just like any other dentist office. Keep in mind that these were “free consultations” advertised to get potential customers into the offices. Not comprehensive breakdowns.

I don’t know why such an odd number cost for an initial exam. $302? Why not just $300? What I remember is that the “other” costs means any other items used in the making of the snap-in dentures would be less than $1,000 each. This estimate does not list anesthesia, surgeon costs, follow up visits, or anything like that. I was told the $302 is for an initial exam and comprehensive treatment plan. I was told I could expect to pay upwards of $12,000 for everything.

After having a bad experience with the dental school twice already I decided to look elsewhere. I understand they are just students but I want no more disappointments. (denture post 2016)

Here is the estimate from the dentist office I plan to have do my work. Its Mortenson Family Dental in the Jefferson Mall. Its a franchise.

This estimate is a very basic cost for mini implants. Its also one of those “free consults” designed to get customers in the door. I plan to get the full size implants including a sinus lift surgery and bone grafts instead of the mini’s. I believe I’ll go with this dentist because he has done the implants for 4 people I know without any problems. At that time of this estimate I was told when I returned for my comprehensive plan exam I would need $1,800 for starting the top only. I believe he thought I’d go with the financing for everything else.

When I first started my research I couldn’t find any information about costs. It was some kind of big secret no one could have without going to the dentist but the consultation visits were being offered free. Those free visits are designed to get customers in the door to listen to the sales pitch. Financing is available through various loan companies. High interest rates too.

Over the holiday weekend I looked on the internet for links that explain snap in dentures and costs. Here are two websites describing snap-in dentures.

Oceansight Dental – to find the costs you need to scroll down.

Golpha Dental – this one has the procedure steps listed.

Here is a young lady with the prettiest most real looking set of snap in dentures I’ve ever seen. In the video she shows a close up of her dentures which fit together perfectly. Then she describes the costs she paid in June 2018. Her youtube name is Destiny Nicole. See if you agree her teeth look very real. She went with a more expensive version to get that look.

The scans above may not be readable for everybody so I’ve inserted them here differently. I think these are clickable to enlarge for a close up view.

I’m not liking this new wordpress at all. If anyone wants me to email a copy of these please email me ( so I can send it by a reply.

9 comments on “Dental estimates

  1. Deb
    July 13, 2020

    Have you contacted your state’s American Dental Association? My daughter used to work for them in our state capital and they got a lot of similar inquiries. There was another affiliate entity where these were referred. There are dentists in each state that work with folks who need help.


    • Anita
      July 19, 2020

      Yes, I have. They told me they don’t help with snap-in dentures like I need.


  2. Lilli
    July 7, 2020

    This is a very modest quote for the work listed. I will continue to email you and share my experience privately. I’m hoping you will get what you need. Not having teeth is a horrible way to live for many reasons. Eating is a huge sensory factor and without teeth it is simply miserable. Huggs from Atlanta.


  3. Emerald
    July 7, 2020

    I wish you the best of luck with all of this, none of it is easy to navigate. xx


  4. Selena
    July 6, 2020

    I would think sinus related issues would be covered by Medicare. Just sayin’…


    • Anita
      July 7, 2020

      I thought the same thing but its not.


  5. nowamfoundatlast
    July 6, 2020

    nova made 7 root canals and crowns for $5000. i was lucky to have a rich brother who paid for that. now they are making me upper and lower partials for $500 each and i have to have gum surgery which will also be $500. that’s pretty cheap, but of course, if you don’t have even that amount, then it’s not cheap at all. it’s relative to what you have. anyway, good luck. i wish i could have given more in your gofundme whatsis. that guy sounds like a dick asking for all that info. screw him


  6. nowamfoundatlast
    July 6, 2020

    i too am not loaded with cash. i am fortunate to live in south florida, and nova university has a dental school i go there, and the service is great. the students are wonderful and i find the cost is about 1/3 of what a normal dental practice. i hope this school works out for you.


    • Anita
      July 9, 2020

      Hmm, the student who did my work was from Florida. No, not going back there. This time I’m going to a dentist that’s been in practice with plenty of experience.


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