Na Na pinches her pennies

Shh… don't tell anyone I'm poor. They all think I'm living frugal and green just like everyone these days. This is a blog about a senior citizen living a frugal life, on a fixed income, in a low income food desert, and passing along knowledge from lessons learned. Some she learned from her Grandma Mama many years ago and some learned only a few days ago.

Before the pandemic

A few days (maybe a couple weeks) before the pandemic lockdown of 2020 happened I had started on a project to downsize my life and my weight in order to … Continue reading

January 18, 2022 · 6 Comments

Yard flooding update

I found out the rumor was extremely exaggerated. I’m relieved. We had a casual meeting in my front yard between the sewer company reps, myself, and neighbors on both sides … Continue reading

June 8, 2021 · 14 Comments

Yard flooding issue

True or rumor? I’m seriously hoping the information given to me is totally false. I’m hoping its just a rumor gotten way out of hand and I’ve nothing to worry … Continue reading

June 6, 2021 · 10 Comments

We still have debtor’s prisons

Recently I was complaining about the crazy city ordinances where I live.  I found a documentary about how city ordinances have created debtor’s prisons.  You get tickets for such silly … Continue reading

July 4, 2019 · 30 Comments

Scary driveways

I don’t know if anyone remembers me talking about the scary driveways in my neighborhood back when I moved to this house? At least I think I talked about them.  … Continue reading

January 11, 2018 · 6 Comments

No longer a hoarder

I am not a doomsday prepper but I do prepare for short term emergencies and weather related power outages.  I do have tendencies toward hoarding.  Hoarding things is common among … Continue reading

November 7, 2017 · 23 Comments

Rainbows and pots of gold

Sometimes hope comes to us in the most unexpected way.  It could be in the form of a few minutes time spent with a special person or it could be … Continue reading

June 6, 2017 · 22 Comments

Easter bunny

I hope everyone had a good holiday however you chose to celebrate the day.  I spent the day with family.  Very early Sunday morning I opened the front door to … Continue reading

April 17, 2017

Happy 2017

Its a new year and I barely noticed the change happen.  In past years there would have been the sounds of gun shots from all directions as people in the … Continue reading

January 1, 2017 · 25 Comments

Food banks and discount bins

I always get really quiet on my blog during a holiday.  I kept myself busy in the kitchen and sorting more stuff.  So let me tell you what I’ve gotten … Continue reading

November 27, 2016 · 43 Comments

Re-thinking the situation

When I was young I heard a story about Buddha that has been a hugh influence in my life over the years.   It has helped me survive while living … Continue reading

September 3, 2016 · 16 Comments

Did I make a mistake

I’ve been seriously thinking that moving to this house was a big mistake.  I moved away from an area because of the high crime rate but it was more than … Continue reading

September 1, 2016 · 36 Comments

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